Interactive keys

LUCID Key to larvae of the subfamilies and tribes of world Dytiscidae

1- Download the .rar file (33.22 Mb).

2- Unzip it in your computer.

3- Open the file «Key» (2 Kb) with your internet browser [except Google Chrome browser].

Note: this Key will only run if the latest Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is installed on your computer. We recommend to check to get the latest Java edition free of charge.

4- When prompted to allow or block Java plugin to run, click «allow».

5- Click «run/execute» in the Lucid Player window that opens after step 4.

SOURCE: Michat, M.C., Alarie, Y. & Miller, K.B. (2017) Higher-level phylogeny of diving beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) based on larval characters. Systematic Entomology 42(4): 734-767.