Juan Ignacio Urcola


Doctor degree candidate (University of Buenos Aires).

Doctoral scholarship (CONICET).

Research interests

Larval morphology, chaetotaxy, phylogeny and evolution of Noteridae (Coleoptera).

Courses taught

Digital scientific illustration (assistant).

Research articles

1 – Urcola, J. I. & Fischer, S. (2015) First record and larval habitat description of Culex (Melanoconion) pilosus from Buenos Aires province, Argentina. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 31(3): 271-274.

2 – Marinone, M. C., Urcola, J. I. & Rabet, N. (2016) Review of the Eulimnadia (Branchiopoda: Spinicaudata: LImnadiidae) from Argentina with the description of a new species. Zootaxa 4158(3): 419-432.

3 – Urcola, J. I., Alarie, Y., Benetti, C. J., Rodriguez, G. & Michat, M. C. (2019) Larval morphology and analysis of primary chaetotaxy in the genus Suphis Aubé, 1836 (Coleoptera: Noteridae). Zootaxa 4619(1): 121-138.

4 – Urcola, J. I., Benetti, C. J., Alarie, Y., Torres, P. L. M. & Michat, M. C. (2019) Morphology and chaetotaxy of the instars of Hydrocanthus sharpi Zimmermann, 1928 (Coleoptera: Noteridae). The Coleopterists Bulletin 73(3): 611-620.

5 – Urcola, J. I., Alarie, Y., Benetti & Michat, M. C. (2019) Larval morphology of Suphisellus Crotch, 1873 (Coleoptera: Noteridae): description of first instar of S. rufipes (Sharp, 1882) with biological notes and chaetotaxy analysis. Annales Zoologici 69(4): 817-825.

6 – Urcola, J. I., Benetti, C. J., Baca, S. M. & Michat, M. C. (2020) Suphisellus grossoi sp. n., a new burrowing water beetle from South America, and notes on S. flavolineatus (Régimbart, 1889) and S. grammicus (Sharp, 1882) (Coleoptera: Noteridae). Zootaxa 4786(1): 122-130.

7 – Urcola, J. I., Benetti, C. J., Alarie, Y., Rodriguez, G. & Michat, M. C. (2020) Characterization and mapping of sensilla on the head appendages of noterid larvae (Coleoptera: Noteridae), and development of a preliminary biometric method for taxa delimitation. Journal of Morphology 281(10): 1210-1222.

8 – Urcola, J. I., Alarie, Y., Benetti, C. J. & Michat, M. C. (2020) Description of the larval stages of Hydrocanthus socius Sahlberg, 1844 (Coleoptera: Noteridae) with chaetotaxy analysis. Annales Zoologici 70(4): 687-695.

9 – Urcola, J. I., Benetti, C. J., Alarie, Y. & Michat, M. C. (2021) The unknown larva of the burrowing water beetle genus Liocanthydrus Guignot, 1957 (Coleoptera: Noteridae). Journal of Natural History 54(35-36): 2285-2296.